We face a market crowded with transactional systems. Many vendors deliver Integrated Work Management Systems (IWMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs), general Business Intelligence (BI), and multipurpose geospatial applications. However, these systems are geared more towards process automation and data aggregation. Moreover, current BI tools focus on data aggregation around legacy information models and don't address customer needs around providing advanced analytics. Most of these platforms require deployment of a “thick” business process transactional layer to yield meaningful data for analytical consumption; however, problems with organizational change and technical deployment challenges reduce the fidelity of this data set. SMARTfolio circumvents this specific challenge by avoiding the traditional route of IWMS and ERPs implementations to achieve cost reduction and real estate operational flexibility, regardless of the technology in place.

Other BI tools try to assert relevance in this arena by utilizing macro-level, or models. These outputs become detached from reality. Embedded assumptions and inherent bias drive users towards decisions that influence executives to make real estate transactions that may not be beneficial for shareholders. SMARTfolio creates an enduring performance management platform neutral of these biases and provides customers with enterprise performance enhancements that drive benefits directly to the bottom line.

Authorrobert coulson