SMARTfolio is the suite of tools that our customers use to capture asset data, conduct baseline assessments, run scenarios and temporal analyses, and develop optimization strategies. Our customers benefit from the simplicity of an interactive, visualization interface with a complex underpinning that houses an analytical engine that sits atop a virtual data warehouse. The underlying master data may come from a variety of sources, including integration with external business application systems and manual user inputs. The proprietary business logic diagnoses the health of the physical asset portfolio, and prescribes actions that help our customers realize 10 to 20 percent of recurring real estate costs.

We are working to enhance functionality with point solutions that improve interoperability with external systems, and enhance the customer experience. These modules include a) integration protocols to enterprise business applications and third-party analytic tools, b) scenario-based simulation engine to model capital investments and asset service life; and c) mobile-device applications that improve data collection and reporting functionality.

Authorrobert coulson