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Asset managers contended with operational challenges daily. Being knowledgeable about the portfolio should not be one of those challenges. Managers use smartfolio to track vital metrics and diagnosis performance.


Create Efficiency

Efficiency should not sacrifice performance, and you rely on your assets to deliver both. Let us help with challenge areas, and set a clear path forward with industry-leading strategies and configurable performance enhancement plans.

Our Video

See how smartfolio works. Understand how we create line of sight from executive vision to operational execution. Imagine strategy formulated with real data. Directly implement and track initiatives, and drive performance at the asset-level. 


  • Modernize executive decision-making for real estate and asset management in a distributed, global environment.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) gathers critical data elements at the facility, site, and enterprise level and uses patent-pending algorithms that create predictive analytics to improve financial positioning. 

  • Use to capture asset data, conduct baseline assessments, run scenarios and spatial/temporal analyses, and develop optimization strategies.

  • Benefit from the simplicity of an interactive, visualization interface with a complex analytical engine. 
  • Data comes from a variety of sources, including real-time sensor networks, integration with external business application systems and manual user inputs.
  • Proprietary business logic diagnoses the health of the physical asset portfolio, and prescribes actions for a savings of 10 to 20 percent of recurring real estate costs. 
  • Not like other macro-level business intelligence softwares.
  • Removes embedded assumptions and inherent bias that drive users towards non-beneficial decisions for shareholders.
  • Smartfolio creates an enduring performance management platform neutral of these biases and provides customers with enterprise performance enhancements that drive benefits directly to the bottom line.


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